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Welcome to the AYCE guild-site!

        Thank you for visiting the guild AYCE official guild page. If you are interested in joining the guild please refer to the guild requirement section on the right of this page. Also please take a look at our guidelines, rules, and events in the top tab labeled "Guild Information and Incentives."  This site is brand new as of October 31st, 2010; we will be expecting changes and updates very soon to the website so stick around. Our forums are empty as of now and need some populating, let's get working on making this guild up and running! Thanks for browsing our website, hopefully you will see that this guild is worth joining. As for active members, please continue to log in and browse the changes. We will begin guild events once we have enough players and an active community. 

Happy Leveling,

Latest Vindictus Update
Greetings Mercenaries-

Evie’s combat repertoire expands today with the addition of the Battle Scythe! Beginning at level 24, Evie can learn the Battle Scythe Mastery skill by visiting Brynn. Once unlocked, players can unlock an entire new way to move through the battlefield.

The most important thing to remember is that Evie is a master of various fighting styles. Her scythe does not replace her staff. Instead, it complements it and adds to her overall prowess. Read on to see what makes the scythe a worthy addition to her armory!

Scythe vs. Staff


What kind of warrior are you?  The staff and scythe are both worthy weapons, but your own goals, strengths, and style will ultimately determine which is best for you.

Staff wielders will unlock the full potential of Evie’s magical strength. Unleashing Firebolts and Healing spells, the pure strength of the ether will emerge from Evie and onto her friends and foes as the judgment that Morrighan intended the humans rain down on Fomors.

Scythe experts forgo the access to magic in order to weave through the battle ground with a direct and visceral mastery.  Moves like Blink and Insane Reaper craft a grim and bloody poetry that leaves no evil in one’s path.

Battle Scythe Skills


Blink allows Evie to evade enemies’ attacks the blink of an eye by moving in any direction while pressing dodge. When close combat gets to be too overwhelming, Blink out of danger and regain the upper hand.


Mouse: Dodge [spacebar] – Dodge [spacebar]
Keyboard: Dodge [A] – Dodge [A]

Life Drain

Take the enemies’ strengths and make them your own. Life Drain takes your foe’s HP and brings it directly into you, allowing you to keep your momentum even when you run out of potions.


Mouse: [Left-click] – [Right-click] + [E]
Keyboard: [S] – [D] + [W]

Spirit Bind

By using Spirit Bind, Evie can steal an enemy’s spirit and bind it to her. The bound spirit will then act as Evie’s ally, attacking her enemies. A friend from beyond can turn the tide in a tight battle.


Mouse: [Left-click]x2 – [Right-click] + [E] – [Right-click]
Keyboard: [S]x2 – [D] + [W] – [D]

Mark of Death

With this sinister skill, Evie targets a foe and damns them to inflict pain upon themselves and their allies. Once marked, an enemy will bear a skull symbol above their head. Pressing the smash key repeatedly will tighten the Mark of Death around an enemy, bringing pain to them and everyone nearby.


Mouse: [Left-click]x3 – [Right-click] + [E]- [Right-click]
Keyboard: [S]x3 – [D] + [W] – [D]

SP: Insane Reaper

The Insane Reaper recovers stamina for Evie and her party members while increasing attack speed for 60 seconds. By activating this at the right moment, Evie’s team becomes a whirlwind of blades, magic, and shields as they fight their way out of a desperate situation or turn a slight advantage into a full on massacre.


Press the SP action key [Z] when at least 2 SP slots are filled. Press [X] to shift to the SP skill you wish to use.

These are a few of the devastating and brutal skills Evie can use while equipped with the Battle Scythe. Take a look at the video below to see some of them in action!

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Guild News

Guidelines for applying

twinkwma, Nov 1, 10 2:42 AM.

Guild Requirements

-Ages 16+ Only

-Level 20+ Only

-Must make account on guild portal

-Must include following information in request: Age, Gender, Character (ex: Lann)

*After registering on guild portal please add your character into the roster to help with the guild census.


Elections Event!

twinkwma, Nov 1, 10 2:39 AM.
Version 1.09 Update - 'Crimson Tokens and Battle Scythe'

Battle Scythe

Be wary dear Mr. Reaper, a new death monger will soon take your place. 

Evie’s Battle Scythe offers Mercenaries a new set of combat skills. The sole purpose of these new battle techniques is simply, to end the life of any adversary. Evie can learn the use of this new weapon by talking to Brynn when she reaches level 24.

For more information click here.

Crimson Tokens

New Crimson Tokens are being introduced to Vindictus. Crimson Tokens are a new way to pay for boat rides. They are available for purchase in the Supply Depot.

- Only one Crimson Token is required to pay for dungeons. 
- Crimson Tokens can be traded in the Market Place for gold.
- Crimson Tokens can be used to pay for other people’s dungeons.
- Not like Platinum Tokens, Crimson Tokens do not give Luck or Experience bonuses.

- 1 Crimson Token: 250
- 10 Crimson Tokens: 2200
- 30 Crimson Tokens: 5900

NOTE: Only NX Prepaid can be used to purchase Crimson Tokens from the Supply Depot for any character below Lv.30 (NX Credit is available from Lv.30 or above)

Starting Events

Vindictus Elections (11/3 - 11/24)

Colhen is electing a new Mayor and it’s up to all the townspeople and mercenaries to vote for their favorite candidate! Be sure to check the website often for speeches from our candidates, ways you can help campaign, and ultimately vote on the new Mayor. A lot of exciting events will take place in the coming weeks! Make sure you are a part of the action.

There are many events that will take place in the next few weeks. Make sure to check the website often for speeches from our candidates, ways you can help campaign, and ultimately vote on the new Mayor.

Make Guild Master Event (11/3 - 11/9)

Guild Masters, recruit members into your guild from November 3 to November 9 and be rewarded with Crimson tokens. The amount of members you recruit will determine the number of tokens you will receive. 

10-19 Members: 10 Crimson Tokens
20-29 Members: 30 Crimson Tokens
30-49 Members: 50 Crimson Tokens
50+ Members: 70 Crimson Tokens 

Ending Events

Fall Fear Festival
The Fall Fear Festival has passed away. Come back next year when its sure to reincarnate.
* Halloween town decoration has been removed.
* Halloween events ("Trick-or-Treat" / "Mashing Pumpkins") have been removed.

Ending Sales

Halloween Package
The Halloween package is no longer available for purchase in the Supply Depot.

Bug Fixes

* Chatting bubbles appearing over characters not chatting has been fixed
* Untranslated text in Kayna (Avatar Shop cat) dialog has been fixed. 
* Gnoll Chieftain Hood is now tradable.
* Other minor text bugs have been fixed.

- Vindictus Team -
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